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BJ Steel Embrague
  • BJ Steel Embrague

BJ Steel Clutch


Clutch pedal to upgrade your BJ Steel F1 (set of 2 pedals) to BJ Steel GT (set of 3 pedals)


This product is a clutch pedal of the BJ Steel family, with which you can upgrade your BJ Steel F1 (2-pedal set) to BJ Steel GT (3-pedal set).

Clutch: It equips a magnetic hall sensor system without friction or wear.

It has the following regulations:

  • Pedal travel adjustment
  • Pedal height adjustment
  • Adjusting the inclination of the pedals
  • Adjusting the clutch spring preload


  • Connect the clutch to the Leo Bonard electronics that your BJ Stell pedals already have
  • Calibrate the clutch pedal as indicated in the user manual, you have to follow both procedures, Leod bodnar's and DIView's
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